Ghare & Baire : Trailer Leaves Us Trailing It for More,,!


Sometimes, just the trailer of a movie leaves the viewer moved and serves as a food for thoughts. The trailer of ‘Ghare And Baire‘, which was recently released, is one such trailer. It starts off with the caption “This is not a love story” and we are shown what roles the lead actors play: Koel Mallick as Labonyo Chatterjee and Jisshu Sengupta as Amit Roy. And this is where the trailer thickens the plot…!

A few more seconds of the trailer, and we realise that Amit and Labonyo are best friends since childhood and perhaps their relationship is more than that of just “best friends”. But do THEY realise that too??

Directed by Mainak Bhaumik, a Roopkotha rom-com of sorts, the movie’s trailer is already a huge hit amongst viewers! How do we know this you ask? It’s because the trailer has more than 203k views and over 6.5k likes already! After all, who can ignore that chemistry that Jisshu and Koel share in the trailer? And what thickens this chemistry is the background score which has its own melodious charm. A particular point deserves mention here: somewhere in the middle of the trailer, the name of Rabindranath Tagore is mentioned and we are instantly reminded of one of his novels named ‘Ghare Baire’. Well that definitely is ironic! Still need more reasons to watch this 2 minutes 40 seconds trailer? Well, here’s one: actress Aparajita Adhya; and here’s another: the music of this movie is by the most melodious Anupam Roy!

Although the basic outline of the story is more or less that of old wine served in a new bottle sorts, but then we do have the new bottle, — there is this subtle uniqueness about the storyline, which we understand from watching the trailer, that leaves us wondering what happens next in the movie. However, for now, all we can do is satiate ourselves by watching this trailer and immerse in its heart-touching melodious background music. To know more and for more updates, stay in touch with us! And yeah, do watch the trailer!