Dev’s Dhumketu is finally seeing the light of the day!


Kaushik Ganguly might heave a sigh of relief now. The producer of his much awaited film Dhumketu has finally proclaimed that it will come to the fore on the 22nd of November, 2017. The movie which was touted as one of Dev’s finest performances till date has been shrouded in a mire of controversy right from the outset. The filmmaker himself had to face loads of questions pertaining to casting Dev as the main male protagonist in such a performance oriented role. But the filmmaker shunned all such criticism and stood by his hero, throughout.


Not only this, the Dev – Subhashree starer film also faced discrepancies pertaining to the Nainital lake of the shooting which got resolved later on. Furthermore Dev denied to dub for the movie all of a sudden; rumor has it that it is owing to certain financial issues. The movie which is a joint venture between Rana Sarkar and Dev Entertainment Ventures was supposed to be Dev’s first production venture. But as we all know Dev’s latest release ‘Chaamp’ has already taken that place. However let bygones be bygones- Kaushik Ganguly’s woes seems to be over finally! paving the way for one of the most anticipated visual extravaganza’s.