Chilekotha : The nostalgia of a Bygone Era!!


Upcoming Bengali cinema Chilekotha is a Biographical drama which revolves around Animesh Chattopadhyay an NRI who returns to Kolkata from America after his retirement. His son stays with his family in USA and Animesh’s wife left him long ago. Animesh used to have a joint family with his favorite uncles and aunts and as he returned to the city of his childhood, memories get fresh with passing time.

Chilekotha is directed by Premangshu Roy with the star cast’s of Dhritiman Chatterjee, Bratya Basu, Ritwik Chakraborty. In the movie most of incidents are shown as flashback and it takes the audience back to the sixties and seventies. You will get the charm of adda, football, Durga pujo, romance, politics, naxal movement – all wrapped in time in this movie.

Produced by Pankaj Sarkar & Bikash Agarwal, This movie seems to be built on nostalgic flavors of an era which had its good and bad times. More importantly this movie tries to capture the bonding between people of that time which is defiantly different from today’s world. So to capture or get back in time, Chilekotha may prove to be a good passage for time travel. The movie is slated to release in September 2017.

Watch the trailer here: