In every profession, people tend to move on to the next level after gathering years of experience. Similarly Tolly hunk Dev has taken the big decision of starting his production house after more than a decade in the industry. He has come a long way since his debut in 2006 released film ‘Agnishapath’. Though this film was not successful at the box office but Dev struggled his way to the pinnacle of stardom with years of hard work.

‘Chaamp’ is Dev’s first solo production venture which is directed by Raj Chakraborty. Raj had directed one of Dev’s super hit movies ‘Challenge’, which marked the beginning of his ascending carve in T-town. Dev shows lot of faith in Raj’s talents and this show in his selection of director for his first production. Dev also surprised with giving a break to Rukmini Maitra in the lead role opposite himself and this shows his belief in the model turned actress. Rukmini’s performance is definitely appreciated and she has a promising career in the industry in the near future.

‘Chaamp’ is the story of a young boy named ‘Shibaji’, who dreams to be boxer since childhood. His talent was spotted by ‘Buro-da’ played by Chiranjeet who is a boxing coach. He takes Shibaji to Kolkata where the training to become a world champion commences. Buro-da’s sister ‘Sathi’ played by Priyanka Sarkar helps Shibaji on his every step. Slowly Shibaji becomes a pro boxer who soars to great heights, only to come crashing down after a near-fatal injury. Fed up with his low key life, he decides to challenge his fate and rise again.

Raj Chakraborty’s direction is commendable as he has done everything perfect in this movie. He chose right locations, created perfect mood for the boxing matches and projected emotions at right places. On the acting front everyone played a significant role, however small their screen time may be.

Debutant Rukmini, who plays Shibaji’s ladylove, ‘Jaya’, in the film is quite a revelation. Her natural acting skills are a surprise considering this is her first movie. Every actor has played their part to perfection in this movie, as for example sports journalist Shantanu’s character played by Kamaleshwar Mukherjee who displays grey shades but reveals his love for the sports in the end. Priyanka Sarkar also plays her role as a person who loved and sacrificed for Shibaji but also gracious when she finds her position is being taken by Jaya. Chiranjeet as coach also plays his part as a mentor to Shibaji and we would have loved to see a little more of the training scenes in details.

The story is written by Dev and Padmanabha Dasgupta who have made it a point to make the story original. The other three important persons behind the scenes are cinematographer Soumik Halder, art director Tanmoy Chakraborty and editor Md Kalam. All these three persons require a special mention for the technical prowess which made the movie viewing more entertaining and realistic.

Another point worth mentioning is that film industry’s three biggest names like Jeet Gannguli, Anupam Roy and Raftaar have composed music for a single film. This is the Bengali debut film of Raftaar who is the current musical heartthrob of the nation. ‘Tu hi hai chaamp’, ‘Jaya tomari’, ‘Maula re’ and ‘Tumio chaamp’ have all been composed and visualized well. Overall a nice endeavor by Dev who needs to be applauded for taking such a big decision in his life and one who does not try to hide behind the comfort of his stardom but tries to break new barriers.

Audience are completely satisfied after watching ‘CHAAMP’

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