Love of The Audience Made AAMI JOY CHATTERJEE a Legendary Movie on its Genre!


Aami Joy Chatterjee ( AJC )is a movie which has really a unique, out of the box concept! The movie is kind of those fairytale stories which may not sound logical but keeps us engaged and gives us a good moral lesson. In today’s time, most of us spend a self-centred life to improve our own name, fame, and money. But the truth is, our real identity is not our social status or money rather our behaviour towards others. The way we behave with others we get the same in return at some point in our life. This is the lesson one can take away with him after watching this film.

What an absolutely delightful movie this is!! Kudos to the director of the film Manoj Michigan and the stars of the film Abir Chatterjee, Jaya Ahsan, Shataf Figar, Ronen Roy, Chandrima Roy and the rest of the cast and crew. “A riveting story told in a manner that keeps the audience engaged right up to the credit rolls! Go watch it, if you haven’t already. And if you have, then watch it again”. This is the thought of Anindo K Chatterjee about the movie. The views of Sabyasachi from Kolkata are a lot similar,“Watched ‘Aami Joy Chatterjee‘! An excellent movie with unique intrigue plot! Hats off to the entire team. A must watch film of the year indeed.”

Vedatreyee claims about the opening of a new dimension through the movie,”This movie was really good and interesting, it like a modern-day Selfish Giant story. The acting is nice. This movie gives us a glimpse into another dimension that is displayed by O.B.E. or Out Of Body Experience.” Ratan thanked the director for the movie,”All things of this film like story, direction, cinematography are really fantastic. Thanks, Mr. Michigan for presenting this total package in AJC.”

As per Arunava,“Excellent Bengali film after a long time. Worth watching. Abir, as usual, was his best with Joya Ahsan supported fantastical, Story and direction were very mature. Such a film has been made for the first time in Bangla. Cinematography and Editing were very apt.” The film was showcased in The Hong Kong International Film Première for its brilliance. This Aadiv Kreation’s produced film claimed such fame in India and now it is rocking abroad and we hope that it will win the heart of the world very soon.

Watch Some AJC Lovers Reaction from Hong Kong International Film Première