Tolly wood actors Rajdeep Sarkar, Gitashree and Tulika Basu are seen busy memorizing the script in a Baruipur shooting location of the upcoming Bengali movie Antor Shotta. The whole unit seemed to be busy with the nitty gritty of the shooting schedule. Director Rik Chatterjee is busy guiding his team so that he can get his shot perfectly! Antor Shotta stars Soumitra Chatterjee, Anindya Pulak Banerjee, Rajdeep, Gitashree, Indranil Mullick, Tulika BasRik Chatterjeeu, Debashish Ganguly and others.

More than 80% of the shooting has been completed. Rajdeep plays ‘Ujjan’s role while Gitashree plays the part of ‘Misti’ in the movie. They are the main protagonists of the film.

Director Rik Chatterjee has given a great deal of though behind this project and he is very particular about every small detail on the set. He has experience of doing some excellent short films and working in few movies. Rik is proving himself to be an excellent director by guiding his team efficiently and why not? As the idea of story came from him and it is imbibed in his mind like a picture.

Rajdeep, Gitasree

Rajdeep playing the main protagonist ‘Ujjan’ is a real talent. We came to know that during shooting time Rajdeep has done crying scenes without even using glycerin! Which proves that how he has involved into the character! He has been applauded for his acting by all the veteran actors like Anindya Pulak Banerjee and the crew of team Antor Shotta. As ‘Ujjan’, Rajdeep has to play age wise three different stages of the life which he has done like a pro which is commendable for a new actor.

Gitashree plays ‘Misti’ who is Ujjan’s close friend and love interest. This is Gitashree’s first break on silver screen though she is a popular face in small screen segment. She is enjoying her first movie experience. She wants to act in movies more often as it gives plenty of opportunity to experiment with different types of roles and she is happy with the way her career is taking shape.Rajdeep

Tulika Basu plays the role of ‘Ujjan’s mother but the actress takes care of the whole unit including the main protagonist’s as a mother as well. Tulika has been playing mother in several movies and serials recently and she feels that the feeling of motherhood is ever present in her.Antar Shotta

The music is composed by Chirontan Banerjee and we may expect some heart rendering songs by Rupankar Bagchi, Jayati Chakraborty and Chirontan himself. All the cast and crew including Rik and Rajdeep are impressed with the creative director of the movie Bihaan Sen’s creative angle. They have praised Bihaan a lot for his work. By his years of experience, Bihaan takes some scenes of the movie to a unique level. Somnath Haldar has taken care of the DOP. Produced by Sarkar E Motion, Antor Shotta is currently under production and will be release soon. Keep in touch with US for more updates.