ankush puja special

All of Bengal is busy in the preparation of Durga Puja. New Clothes, friends, gossips and listening to new songs – all of these build up the essence of Durga Puja celebrations. Since past few years we have been seeing stars like Dev and others giving their best performance during this season. The audiences have loved them in the festive season. This time Ankush will be coming on the silver screens to woo the audiences. Thanks to director Raj Chakraborty’s Bolo Dugga MaiKi. The Durga Puja song from the movie has become viral already. Its getting viral now and already reached 8.3 lack views.  Ankush – Nusrat’s super duper paring will take this movie to the pinnacle of success. Ankush is looking handsome in every dress he was tried in this movie, be it in Dhoti- Punjabi or while dancing with the Dhunichi or lamp or with Drums – Ankush has proven himself to be man of all seasons. Nusrat also looks beautiful and attractive with the glasses. So Bengali’s will enjoy this Durga Puja with Ankush and Nusrat for sure.

Recently a song titled  ‘Dugga Ma‘ has been released. The dance number sung by Arijit Singh has been in tune with the vibrant celebrations of Durga Puja. The song is composed by Arindom and Lyrics done by Priyo Chattopadhyay, Raja Chanda & Prasen. Ankush wearing dhoti and Punjabi looks awesome while Nusrat is fantastic in Red – white saree. This song is going to be the theme song in many pandals.  ‘Bolo Dugga MaiKi‘ is produced by SVF Entertainment Pvt. Ltd and will be releasing on 22nd September.

Enjoy The Song Here :