Aami Joy Chatterjee- Trailer gives glimpses of Thriller in making!

Trailer Out


Manoj Michigan’s upcoming movie ‘Aami Joy Chatterjee is a suspense thriller. After ‘Hello Kolkata’, ‘Damadol’ and ’89’, director Manoj Michigan is very hopeful with his latest venture produced by Shivanggi Choudharry from Aadiiv Kreation Pvt. Ltd.

‘Aami Joy Chatterjee’ revolves around the journey of a self-centered and egoistic businessman ‘Joy’, portrayed by Abir Chatterjee. Joy’s exaggerated self-importance makes him believe that he is important than everyone else. One morning, Joy Chatterjee goes missing and this is when he realizes that “aami” is not important. Actress Jaya Ahasan plays ‘Dr Aditi Roy’, a pediatrician and Joy’s fiancee. Eventually, she becomes a key factor in his life and changes it for the better. Shataf Figar plays a cameo of an ACP who investigates this whirlwind suspense thriller.

Jaya Ahasan and Abir will be coming together in this movie after Aborto. Apart from Abir Chatterjee and Jaya Ahsan the cast includes Sabyasachi Chakravorty, Shataf Figar, Soumyajit Majumdar, Tapati Munshi, Dikpal Bhiku, Suro, Raj, Priyom, Bonny, Sukanya, Nilesh & others. Story-Screenplay-Direction is by Manoj Michigan while the music is composed by Raja Narayan Deb. The film has been mostly shot in Sikkim and Kolkata. The trailer shows Joy Chatterjee going through a mental unrest as he tries to find his true self. Lot of question arises as the trailer progresses and the answers to which lies in the film. Enjoy the trailer and keep on anticipating what happens next till the movie releases on big screens.

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